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Straightforward by design

Through the dashboard you can send out visitor surveys, learn from peer benchmarks, and create professional reports. ARTSCORE Impact Dashboard was designed by festival organisers who understand your unique resourcing challenges; from start to finish your dashboard can be running in a few days. Add a little extra time if you plan to go the extra mile to customize your survey!

How it works

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Create and send surveys

The ARTSCORE survey covers audience reach, experience, and take-aways in your audience's local language. Use the survey as-is or spend a bit of time to customize it. Share the link with your audience and your research has started!


Choose benchmarks

Through the dashboard you can choose peer benchmarks (hip-hop festivals or festivals in Germany, for example) to provide context for your results. Festivals use ARTSCORE year over year to create benchmarks of their own.


Download reports

Professional reports are available as soon as your audience starts answering questions in your survey. Download your results anytime during the year to discuss with your team, share with stakeholders, or apply for funding.



Peer benchmarking

Simple to set-up

Learn and improve year over year

Co-sponsored by the European Union

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