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The ARTSCORE dashboard is powered by data collected in customer surveys.


Your first step in ARTSCORE will be to create your customer survey. Luckily for you, the hard work has already been done by the founding festivals and societal impact research agency Cigarbox; the survey template you’ll use is always up to date with research and impact best practices and designed specifically for the festival community.


The full survey covers the following modules. See insights for examples of the types of questions that fall under each. 

  • audience reach and engagement  

  • societal impact indicators  

  • success factors  

  • economic impact  

  • cultural participation  

  • community engagement  

You can make the survey your own with simple customisation.

  • The name and location of your festival will automatically populate your guest survey.  

  • Choose the Impact Modules (above) that match your festival’s objectives.  

  • You can customize further by turning “off” any questions or even specific answers that are not relevant for your festival.  

  • Customisation for language is not necessary; the system will automatically recognize your customers’ browser language and, for the languages we have available, automatically deliver the survey in the right language.

Though you can use the full questionnaire without any customization, we find that the best results come out of asking the minimum needed to get the insight you need.

Share via email, whatsapp, or QR code 


To use ARTSCORE, you will need to communicate the survey with your audience, ideally via email, soon after your festival. Most festivals have this information via ticket sales, or on-site registration data, for example. Not sure you have enough customers to contact?

Though we have found e-mail to be the most effective manner, we have seen customers use to whatsapp, QR code, printed (paper) surveys, or collecting responses in person using volunteers or paid staff to solicit feedback from attendees.  

A note on privacy

Cigarbox dashboards are fully compliant with data privacy and collection standards in Europe. Your customers will only have contact with you, and data is collected anonymously (neither we, nor you, will have any personally identifiable information about your visitors).

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