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Learn from your peers across Europe 


For nearly all elements of your research you will be able to “benchmark” (compare) your results against the anonymised results of peers. This provides context for your own results (“Is 7 average, or outstanding?”), helps in setting realistic targets for future, and assists in understanding and communicating your festival profile.  


As more festivals join and return year over year, the quality and variety of ARTSCORE benchmarks will increase. Examples might include:  

  • Your own festival’s results from last year 

  • Festivals held in <country>  

  • <classical music> festivals 

You can try as many benchmarks as you like during your license year. We encourage you to experiment.  

Sharing recommended, not required 


By default, you will only see your own festival in the dashboard, and the other festivals will not see you. If you choose to participate in included festival benchmarking, you will need to opt-in to “share” your (anonymized) results with other festivals. Your individual festival results will never be shown; our benchmarks are an aggregate of three or more festivals.


If you have opted-in for benchmarking, other festivals will be able to see basic information about your festival, in order to choose good benchmarking candidates. For example, country, festival size, and theme.  

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