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Frequently Asked Questions

It is required that you can share the ARTSCORE survey with your audience. That could be via e-mail, whatsapp, or on site, using volunteers or paid staff to solicit feedback from attendees. There is also an option to create a QR code link to the survey, or download the survey as a printable PDF.

Email address
Multiple locations

With your ARTSCORE license you can research a single festival. You are able to share your survey with participants from different days, times, or locations throughout the year but it is important to note that results will come together in one report. Your results can not be  segmented for custom elements / locations / time periods.

If it is important to you to consider results from Location A separate from location B, for example, or the Festival Weekend results separate from the Festival Closing Party, you can buy two ARTSCORE licenses, and see your projects together in your own ARTSCORE environment. 

You can use your survey link as often as you like in your license year, but you will not have separate results or reports for separate activities; the new responses will be aggregated in your festival report. You can consider a second license or contact us to talk about possibilities.

Second festival license year
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