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Research reliability

Sample size

In a thorough audience research, you collect data from a representative sample of your audience. To make ARTSCORE accessible to as many (small) festivals as possible, we have put the data collection in your hands. 

Minimum sample sizes  

Our minimum sample size (number of people from whom you collect feedback) is 50; for reliable data we recommend a sample size of 200+. 

  • Festivals with an n (sample size) below 100 are not eligible for inclusion in the benchmarking.   

  • Festivals with an n below 50 will have a cautionary note on the report.   

  • Festivals with an n below 20 will not see any results, to ensure we respect the anonymity of your customers. 

Generally speaking, a festival with more than 500 attendees should reasonably be able to collect the minimum number of responses and a festival with 1,000 will likely reach 200+.  

For a festival with 100 attendees, for example, you would need nearly everyone to respond to the survey to collect viable data; in our experience that is a challenge.

Help and quality checks 

Cigarbox has years of experience in collecting customer data. We will share our tips and tricks to help you get a representative sample of your audience. 

Cigarbox conducts periodic quality checks of source data and will flag any concerns to participating festivals and exclude unsound data from the benchmarking function.  

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