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ARTSCORE for festival impact

empowering independent, European festivals with a dashboard for audience and impact insight

Audience and impact insight

Create and share audience surveys in local language with a limited time investment from your team. The founding festivals thought about the objectives and challenges of audience and impact research, so you don't have to.


ARTSCORE was made with smaller organisations in mind; your team can organise a professional research without a huge time investment. Development was co-sponsored by the European Commission, allowing the costs to festivals to be minimal.

Professional reporting

On-demand reports with clear, professional graphics can help guide discussions with your team and offer transparency to your stakeholders and funders. Built-in peer benchmarks help put your results in context.

Industry-standard approach

Cigarbox Impact Advisory has been helping cultural and governmental organisations steer on impact for more than 12 years. Hundreds of festivals have worked with a Cigarbox Impact Dashboard, year over year, to maximize impact per Euro invested.

Designed by festivals, for festivals

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